There are several benefits of using a man and a van.

If you go and rent a van from a hire company, you're on your own. You have to drive it. Now this might suit some people but imagine if you are just moving a small amount of stuff, maybe you live in a small flat or bedsit. That sort of thing. You might have your own transport and wish to move more private items in your car, people do. But your car is at the van rental place when you collected the van. Even if you got a lift to get the van, you can't drive two things at once. That's one benefit.

Next, you obviously get the help of the man that comes with the van when you choose us. Believe it or not, some companies offer a budget version of a man and a van where the man does nothing but drive. We are not like that. We help, that's what you are paying for. In fact, we can even bring an additional person, at extra cost,  if need be, perhaps you can't carry certain heavy items for whatever reason. Please bear this in mind when you get a quote anywhere.

Next, and this is a good one. What about the deposit on the van you hired ? What if you have an accident ? No matter how small, it is going to cost you via your deposit, yes you can take out a collision damage waiver but again, that is an extra cost to bear in mind. Plus you need to factor in fuel costs. It can actually work out cheaper to use a man and a van on many occasions rather than renting just a van.

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